The Lucy Lick-Me-Not series

Book 1. Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Day Eaters:

A Birthday Story

Available in Paperback and Kindle eBook

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Lucy wakes up on her birthday expecting gifts and chocolate cake, but instead she finds the day has completely vanished. When she comes face-to-face with the Day Eaters, the monsters responsible for her birthday’s disappearance, she must think fast and come up with a cunning plan to stop these greedy beasts and get her birthday back before she disappears, too.

Book 2. Lucy Lick-Me-Not and the Greedy Gubbins:

A Christmas Story

Available in Paperback 


Lucy is disappointed that winter is late this year. While searching in the woods for any sign of snow, she stumbles upon Jack Frost’s tree home and discovers that he’s been locked inside by autumn’s mischief-makers, the Greedy Gubbins! These stubborn creatures gobble up the color green, and this year they are determined to stay until spring has sprung. Lucy agrees to help Jack Frost, but once inside the Gubbins’ lair, they think her green eyes might be even tastier than the leaves of spring. Lucy must outwit the Gubbins to save Jack Frost, and herself! 

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